Create Gmail without phone number verification

Create Gmail Without Phone Number Verification (Proven Way)

The Best Workaround: Use a newly-formatted Android device to create your Gmail account

Read on to find out the 3 different ways to bypass Google’s phone number verification.

How to create Gmail account without phone number verification

Gmail is the popular email service offered by Google and has been tied with many other Google services, such as Youtube, Google Drive, Chrome web browser, etc.

There used to be a time where creating a Gmail account does not require one to furnish their mobile number.

But that was quickly abolished and removed by Google now.

For majority of users, they no longer can step the Gmail phone number verification process.

Several methods circulating online had also been used and banned subsequently, and that includes declaring your age during signup as below 15 years old and using Incognito mode on your browser during signup.

All these methods stated online are not working as of 2021, and will probably remain this way permanently.

So how do you actually create a new Gmail account without providing and going through the phone number verification?

The trick is, to find the way that Google have no reason to disallow you from creating your own Google account.


Here’s the only 3 proven ways to do so;

Proven Method 1 – Using a newly-formatted Android device

Remember, the idea is to let Google have no other reasons to disallow us to create a brand new Gmail account.

We will make use of Android OS here.

Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google.

You may not have noticed it but whenever you purchased it a new Android device, it allows you to either sign in to your existing account or setup a brand new Gmail account.

There is no reason for Google to block or refrain you from creating a Gmail account in this situation where you have a new device or a newly formatted device.

You are legitimately using a newly-formatted Android device to start using, and Google will always allow you to create Gmail using that. Therefore you can safely set up one without phone number verification.

The trick here is; Newly-Formatted

Find any old Android device lying around and performed a full hard reset (factory settings). The idea here is to make it like a brand new Android device.

Once done, go through the steps to set up your device for the first time and select “Create Account” when it comes to keying your Google account.

If you happen to buy a brand new Android phone or device, make use of the opportunity now to create a new Gmail account without phone number verification.

Recommendations to follow

  • Be sure to add a Recovery Email address during signup. You can use privacy-focused emails like Protonmail or Tutanota.
  • Be sure to add 2 Step Verification (2SV) using Google Authenticator (GA) app. This is similar to the concept of 2FA. There is no phone number needed when you use GA.


You tightened the security of your newly-created Gmail account by using both a recovery email and implementing 2SV.
This will safely exclude you from future prompts from Gmail, asking you to provide the mandatory mobile number.

Note that 2SV can be implemented using either a mobile number (OTP code sent to you) or via the Google Authenticator (GA) app (OTP is displayed on the app). Use GA because the purpose of this article is to avoid providing your mobile number.

Proven Method 2 – Using a unique / rarely used IP address & Country

Method 2 involves a little more time and effort than Method 1 and has a different purpose to it.

This method is for the privacy-focused individuals who wanted anonymity in creating a Gmail account.

Many are not aware of this but Google keep tracks of our activities related to our IP address.

In a typical household where family members connect to the same residential Wi-Fi connection, Google is aware of their associations with each other.

When you attempt to create a new Gmail account in this scenario, Google will make phone number verification mandatory because it knows all members in the same household and needs to establish connection and identity.

However, this can be overcome if you use a unique and rarely-used IP address belonging to another country.

This can be done easily through the use of a reliable VPN service.

For simplicity, use ExpressVPN, NordVPN or ProtonVPN.

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Important to take note;

  • The country of choice in VPN is crucial here
  • Avoid using populated countries like US States or any parts of Europe
  • Try to use Asia countries, such as Thailand and Laos

Through my years of testing, Google allows the creation of new Gmail accounts without phone verification from time to time, through the random choice of different countries and different timezone.

From my observation, the timing of new Gmail creation plays a part as well.

Therefore you may want to test and experiment with creating one account in a particular country twice, once in the morning and at night. Sometimes Google allows you to go through without phone verification at different timings of the day.

Proven Method 3 – Using a reliable SMS web service

If you are looking to create a batch of new Gmail accounts and, in addition, register for many other different web accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.), then Method 3 is for you.

Method 3 simply provides Google and other web services with a mobile number, in order to receive the SMS OTP verification.

How can this be done?

This method will involve you having to pay a small fee in order to own a list of virtual mobile numbers.

In short, you provide Google (and other web services) with virtual mobile numbers and complete the sign-up registration process as per normal.

With these virtual numbers, you have the ability to receive SMS messages (Google sending you OTP codes) and ability to make calls as well. The only difference is that these numbers are just virtual, not some physical SIM cards you carry around.

Having these virtual numbers in a long-term manner or short-term (disposable once-off) is entirely up to you.

You can renew them monthly or discard it once you went through your phone number verification process.

The good side of this?

You can create as many Gmails as you want, so long as your list of virtual numbers allows.

For every mobile number, Google tends to allow creation of about between 3-5 different Gmails tying to that same number. So if you have 3 virtual numbers, you can create about 9 to 15 different Gmail accounts.

Same goes for creating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites where they require phone numbers registration.

The downside of it?

If you are looking for total anonymity when creating Gmail accounts, you must be aware that you might have to pay for the virtual numbers via your own credit card or bank account, which can tie back to you when needed.

If achieving total anonymity is not your concern here, then Method 3 is very suitable for you.

Again, Google is very much aware of this method, so refrain from using popular SMS web services out there.

Here’s a list of reliable Virtual SMS web services that you can consider using;


Use Method 1 when your aim is simply creating a Gmail account as you do not have or do not want to provide your mobile number. It is the easiest and fastest way to do so— Ideal for creating 1 or 2 Gmail accounts quickly.

Use Method 2 when you aim to create an anonymous privacy Gmail account with the conditions not to link back to your real identity. Ideal for creating 1 or 2 Gmail accounts with anonymity in mind.

Use Method 3 when you need to create a batch of multiple Gmail accounts for businesses’ use. You need to purchase these virtual numbers with the ability to receive SMS messages from Google, for OTP purposes. You can either keep them for long-term usage or use them as one-off disposable virtual numbers after you had created your Gmail accounts.


Why is the old method of using Incognito mode on Web Browser doesn’t work anymore?

Firstly there has been a surge of users using this method for years, and it is easily detectable by Google by detecting the same IP address. Therefore it is always advisable to use a VPN from a not-so-popular country of choice during the Gmail registration process (use Method 2 instead).

Secondly, we are tied to the IP address we are connected with. Every Gmail signup is associated with its own unique IP addresses. That itself is a telltale sign of association, especially when it shows.

Thirdly, most users are using Google’s own Chrome browser when starting Incognito mode. Chrome is a product of Google itself.

Why is the old method of stating age as below 15 years old during Gmail signup, doesn’t work anymore?

Again, this method had been used for many years and it is a straight-forward disallow move by Google.

Can I create Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, and other accounts without phone number verification?

Yes, you can definitely do so.

You could use any of the 3 methods above to attempt to create a brand new account.

As these different sites have different signup processes, the rule of thumb is always to create a Gmail account first.

Most other sites during signup, allows you to use either your email address or mobile number for authentication purposes.

Email accounts are mainly for contact purposes, whereas mobile numbers receive OTP codes for verification purposes.

You should always use your new Gmail account to register for these other sites, replacing the need for providing a mobile number.

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